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Dandeli Resorts & Best places to visit in Dandeli

Today’s weblog going to be more interesting because in this blog I m telling you about Dandeli – A place of Beauty. Upcoming paragraphs will contain information about Dandeli first after that famous resorts of Dandeli with details and the Best time to visit. 

Dandeli is one of the attractive areas of South India. It is situated in the Western Ghats. It is surrounded by beautiful forests. Dandeli is made up of a green environment. The mountains and forests of this place attract several people towards them. Apart from that, there are several historical places including the ancient temple and caves and much more. People like to enjoy water activities and exploring the caves. more about Dandeli

dandeli river rafting and forest

Dandeli Resorts

Well it is a tourist point there are many resorts are available for travel seekers. A super-luxury cottage stays in this place makes everything pleasant for families and youngsters. The restaurant area is much like a treehouse because there you can enjoy the beauty of nature. The famous Dandeli Resorts are Panther Stay Dandeli, Jungle Nest, Dandeli Shikra jungle Resort, Kingfisher Jungle Stay, Kali Adventure Camp, Whistling Woods Resort and Baison River Resorts. These resorts are available at reasonable prices, which I will tell in paragraphs written below.

Panther Stay Dandeli

Panther Stay Resort is a jungle stay resort in Dandeli with different types of jungle side stay. It is located in the forest area 5km from the Dandeli. This resort is surrounded by three sides of the forest. They offer well-furnished rooms, tents, and a separate dining hall. You can also enjoy activities like tug pool archery, rain dance, shooting, camping light music, jungle trekking, campfire, and sightseeing. There are other more activities on customer requests.

Double bedrooms are available at 1500 per person.

Jungle Nest

Jungle Nest Resort is located in the evergreen forest of Dandeli. This resort offers pet-friendly accommodation. Tourists can enjoy the food restaurant and free private parking is also available on site. The rooms have a private bathroom fitted with a shower & other basic amenities.

This Resort coast approximately 1000/- charges Per night.

Baison River Resorts

The Bison River Resort is located approximately 10 km away from the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the Kali River. The rooms that they offer have all the comforts of a home away from home. They offer an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. This package Starts at Bison River Resort and it starts from ₹ 2,000 per person however, the prices vary depending upon the season.

Whistling Woodzs Resort

Whistling Woodzs Resort is a famous resort in Dandeli. All the accommodations command an unforgettable view of the river with a backdrop of lush green forests. The spacious and extremely comfortable accommodations are well-appointed to ensure a perfect retreat in the wild.

Rooms are available at a reasonable price.

These all are famous resorts in Dandeli now will tell you what best activity you can do in Dandeli, lets dive into it.

Dandeli Forest

Dandeli forest is famous for its beauty, there are many resorts that are available near to it and some of them are offering night jeep rides and jungle morning walks. Flash and spotlights for photography are prohibited to prevent startling the animals. It is the best place to get rid of electronic gadgets that makes our mind stressful. It is a safe place to visit and see wildlife.

River Rafting

River Rafting is a famous water sport in Dandeli, people from the globe visit Dandeli just to enjoy this water sport. It is a safe activity, which gives an amazing experience of rafting between the violent river streams. This sport is only available for those who are greater than 12 years old and who loves adventures

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

This Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. It is located 57 km away from Dharwad. It has a rich diversity of plants and animals. Crocodiles are major wildlife attractions in this Sanctuary. You can walk through the forest or enjoy bird watching. There are only 40 INR entry fees to explore the sanctuary.

Apart from that, there are many places and activities to enjoy holidays at Dandeli.


Well, it is a well-developed area, every mode of transportation is available. You can visit here by rail, bus, and your vehicles. The airport is very far from there so it’s quite a long distance for those who are traveling by plane.

Overall Dandeli is a nice place to visit and enjoy camping/river rafting & exploring Deep forest.

Hope you like the articles, lets plan your next trip to Dandeli and dive into nature, activity, adventurous, which boom your heartbeat and soul.

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