Process Of Becoming Naga sadhu & Difference between Naga Sadhu and Aghori?

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People think that Naga sadhu & Aghori Baba both are the same. As per their appearance and looks, but it is not TRUE. there is a very small difference between them, We will discuss later on this article.  

Naga Sadhus Population

If we talk about Naga Sadhu in today’s time, then their total real naga sadhus population is around 3 lack. As per numbers from akharas, but somewhere, you will see the figures are around 4 to 5 million. but they all are not naga sadhu or Naga monk that figures for complete saints populations

Where do the Naga Sadhu often seen in the Kumbh Mela come from?

Always we all spot them in Kumbh Mela, Where do Naga Sadhus come from and where did they go after the fair, Within this article, you will get a lot of information about Naga Sadhu, then let’s start and know about Naga Sadhu.

How do Nagas become and what is the law of this? Naga monks also become the center of attraction for devotees. Everyone was eager to get a glimpse of them.

where Naga Sannyasis made?

The process of becoming a Naga is very long and complex. usually, naga made in four places Prayag, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nashik. Naga Sannyasis are included first in the Akhara as Avadhut. The desires of becoming a Naga.

Before we discuss the process of making Nagas, I am sharing some informative links for your better understanding

(नागा साधु) (अखाड़ा ) (अघोरी )

Hope you understand the above-said three-terms, now we came into the process of making naga sadhu.

The process of making a Naga Sannyasi!

It is very long complicated. Every Akhara has its own beliefs and tradition. Accordingly, the Akharas make Naga Sannyasis. A person who wants to become a Sannyasi is included as an “avadhoot(Sevak)”  in the first. In the beginning, apart from Guru Seva, they have to do all the big and small works, related to the Akhara.

After going well to Settled in the Akhara tradition. Akhara activist Shanth once advises him to return to the social world, but when he denied, he is taken to the next Kumbh to be a Naga Sannyasi.

Naga Sannyasi is made in Kumbh Mela itself. Sannyasis from all over the country are collected in Kumbh Mela to make Nagas.

The tradition of Naga Deeksha is almost the same in all the Sanyasi akharas.

Normally, the Deekshas are offered to the Naga ascetics, before the royal bath in Kumbh,

According to the Akharas, sadhus wishing to become a Naga Sannyasi are bathed in the water ghats, installed under the Dharma flag. after which they are banished to the uninhabited place, on the banks of the Ganges. Pinda dan (Last right rituals) is carried away.

He has to do 17  Pinda dan (Last right rituals) in which 16 are for his family while 17thth is his pinda dan himself, he declares himself as dead and with that his complete birth is deemed to have ended,

After pinda dan, All traces of their previous births are erased.

After this, the religion of the akharas is brought under the Dharam flag, here it has to go through the process at the most painful of becoming a Naga.

This practice called Santoda Kriya by akharas

The Deeksha process makes experienced treaties, but sometimes during this process, even the new Nagas unconscious also.

After Santoda Kriya, everyone is taken to the Ganges for a bath, here all 108 take a dip in the presence of the Guru, at the same time, the Guru cuts off their crest and flows in the Ganges, 

Separates their clothes and make them Digambara Naga of Shambhu Agni Akhara. According to the saintly Mahant Harish Giri, after the completion of this action, all of them take part in the royal bath with the Nava Naga Akharas

According to Kumbh,

Nagas are also named Naga Sannyasi are created only during Kumbh, but according to the place where Kumbh is made Naga, according to them, there is also a name to call them Sanyasis.

Who become Nagas in Prayag are called Rajarajeshwari

Those who are become-in Haridwar are called Barfani

Those who are become in Ujjain are called bloody( Khuni)

And those built-in Nashik are called as khichdia

As they are called in the akharas by this name.

As above mentioned is the whole process of Naga sadhus, there is another form of a monk who called Aghori baba, 

Difference between Naga Sadhus and Aghori?

Both the sadhus are looked similar to each other but actually, they were different which is what Aghori Baba says. 

Nagas are formed inside and all their education is in the akharas, 

but the education of those who are Aghori Baba is in the cremation ground. 

Aghori babas put ashes on their body that comes from the dead body ash, when you see both of them, they will look at you all the same, but Aghori Baba looks very scary from the Naga sadhus.

Aghori eats Human flesh

Naga Sadhus and Aghori Baba are both non-vegetarians, Some Naga Sadhus are also vegetarians but most are non-vegetarians, Both Sadhus eat meat, but the Aghori who eats human flesh so they can be seen in the crematorium, Both sadhus worship Shiva.

Like I told you above, the akharas take the naga sadhus for their royal bath at the Kumbh Mela,

but you cannot see it to the Aghori Sadhus or Aghori Babas anywhere, Aghori babas are very rare to spot, mostly they were in some mysterious cremation ground.

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