The Patriotism Story Behind Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai

The story behind The Taj Mahal Hotel building is so interesting as the story of a film. “when there is a will there is a way” this word perfectly goas to Tata Group Founder Mr. Jhamshet Ji Tata.

This article will let you know how One Patriotism Decision. which gave us the World Heritage Trademark Building The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai

An Incident can change a person completely. So Let’s see what happens in the life of Jhamhetji Tata who made a decision to built him a Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Lumiere Brothers organized the movie premiere in Mumbai.

In 1896 The Lumiere Brothers The father of cinema. Kept their first film show at the luxurious Watson Hotel in Mumbai. Only the British people used to go to see the shows. At that time Britisher treated Indians like dogs and Indians are mostly not allowed a lot of places were Britisher gathered. 

Why gatekeepers not allowed Jhamshedji tata to enter in Watson hotel?

On 7th July 1896, Jamsetji Tata also reached the Watson Hotel, to watch the show. where the gatekeeper stopped and showed him the board was mentioned that Dogs and Indians are not allowed. seeing that Jamshedji Tata was very sad and angry, but he keeps himself calm and thinks that this Britisher compares Indians with dogs. what a shame, he was real Indian and patriot, Thus he keeps himself calm and went away.

How The Taj Mahal hotel Mumbai was built?

Exactly 2 years later 1898, he started the foundation to build Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The Watson hotel incident shook him completely, on16 December 1903 Taj mahal palace the luxurious hotel was ready. With a hanging board on the gate that Britisher and Cats are not allowed. 

Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group. built the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai 21 years before the Gateway of India was built.

On 16 December 1903, when The hotel opened for guests and the hotel has 560 rooms 44 suits. with day-night restaurant and Mumbai’s first license bar and India’s first disco with the name of Blow-up. 

It was the first Indian hotel that has fully electrically operated hotels. Which equipped with. German elevators, American fans, and English butlers, and a Turkish bath.

The total cost of construction Of the hotel was €250,000 (€131 million in 2020).

Initially, In 1903 the hotel charged around 13/- per room. nowadays after 117 years later, it charges 15k to 100k per room. 

During World War 1. 1914 TO 1918 The Taj Hotel was converted into a hospital of 600 beds. To treat them who injured in war.

Some famous personalities stayed at this heritage Taj Hotel.

Below public figures stayed or given a speech in this heritage hotel.
Sarojini Naidu
Mahatma Gandhi
Lord Mountbatten
Muhammad Ali Jinnah,
Jazz legend Micky Correa,
Hillary Clinton,
Will Clinton
Michael Jackson
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Somerset Maugham
Duke Ellington

In 1973 Taj mahal tower an additional wing of the hotel started. after that Indian hotel group, built new properties and converted old palaces into hotels. and its expansion overseas also with 100 branches, 84 branches in India and 16 branches in overseas.

26/11 Mumbai Attack

Success is not always in the same high. and the same thing happened to the Taj Hotel also it also fell but with a lot of voice and hotel received extensive international exposure in 2008

On 26/11/2008 Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group specifically targeted this world heritage taj mahal hotel. Approximately 450 peoples staying in the Taj Mahal palace hotel at the time of the attack, 

Six explosions reported in the taj hotel. firefighters and commandos rescued more than 200 hostages, the casualties mostly Indian citizens, although foreigners were signal out, 31 peoples died in taj. 

Indian commandos killed the terrorist and barricaded the hotel. Hotel materials damage very badly, and the hotel closed for the next 18 months. for repairing purposes, in 2010 the taj mahal palace hotel reopened.

The first public guest who stayed after this terrorist attack was American President Barack Obama.

After all, our national pride The iconic Taj Mahal Palace stands majestically opposite the Gateway of India, overlooking the Arabian Sea.

So friends hope you like the article if you will visit Mumbai then do not forget to see this world heritage building,

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